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What Causes Feet To Smell And How To Rectify It

Smelly feet – a common issue for many households, and something that no one enjoys! Even the owner of smelly feet is troubled by this problem and may feel embarrassed. Several factors and conditions can cause smelly feet. However, the majority are related to sweat and bacteria.
The medical term for smelly feet is Bromodis, and it is a prevalent medical problem. More than 10 per cent of British people are thought to suffer from stinky feet.
People may avoid social events due to the potential embarrassment the odour causes. Any situation that requires them to remove their shoes will seem daunting. Many people will go as far as to let this issue impact on their love life. So, how can we tackle this issue and stop it from hindering our day-to-day?

How To Stop Smelly Feet
Invest in new shoes – Wearing the same pair of shoes every day, particularly trainers, will cause sweat and odour to build up. Changing between shoe styles every day will help your feet and reduce this build-up.
Throw out old shoes – Shoes that are beyond repair need to be thrown out. Sweat and bacteria will build-up over time, and this can spread from your feet to other shoes.
24-hour rule – Leave a minimum of 24 hours between wears. Let a pair completely dry out before you wear them again.
Quality of shoes – Try to wear well-ventilated trainers and preferably leather shoes.
Socks – Try only to buy socks that are made of natural fibres and absorb moisture. Be sure to buy a generous number of pairs and replace them frequently.
Diet – Foods that contain sulphur, such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, may contribute to smelly feet. Other offenders are onion, garlic, spicy foods, and an excess of red meat. Alcohol can also be a culprit as it makes you sweat more.
Clean and dry your feet – Wash and thoroughly dry your feet daily with an antibacterial soap. Leaving them moist will encourage bacteria. In between the toes is a prime area for this. Spray your clean feet with deodorant or antiperspirant.

Other factors that cause smelly feet include:
• Athlete’s foot – This should be treated accordingly with either an over-the-counter cream or a prescription from your GP.
• Hormonal changes
• Stress
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