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Toenail Care – When to Contact a Podiatrist

Toenails – a part of the body that we don’t spend too much time thinking or talking about unless it’s summer and we are off for a pedicure. But did you know that toenail care should be considered an essential part of overall body care? Here we look at toenail care and how to know if a trip to the podiatrist is needed.

Cutting Toenails
Toenails should be trimmed every six to eight weeks; if not, it could lead to painful issues and even infections. Follow these steps when cutting your toenails:
Clean your feet – Have a shower or bath to soften the nails and remove all dirt. Dry your feet with a towel.
Use clippers – While toenail scissors do the job, toenail clippers are much more effective at dealing with tough, thick toenails. They are also more accurate, therefore reducing the risk of jagged edges that catch. Make sure your clippers or nails are cleaned before and after every use.
Clip across the nails – Straight cutting is the way to go. If you cut along the curve, you may end up with ingrown toenails. Try not to cut the nail down too far, and ensure you file the edges with an emery board.

When to Contact a Podiatrist
It may be best to get a podiatrist to assist with cutting your toenails if you suffer from any of the following conditions:
Toenail Fungus
Toenail fungus causes discoloured, smelly and brittle toenails. It is an infection and is contagious, so good hygiene is paramount. Your podiatrist can cut your toenails safely without the risk of spreading it, and they can also treat them with and prescribe antifungal sprays and creams.
Ingrown Toenails
When the edges of a toenail grow into the skin, it causes a painful condition known as an ingrown toenail. It often affects the big toe and can be caused by ill-fitting shoes and poor toe-cutting techniques. Your podiatrist can cut your nails safely and remove the ingrown nail to prevent infection.
Diabetes can cause nerve damage and circulation issues. This means that cutting yourself when trimming your toenails can cause issues that lead to infections, sores, fungal problems and ulcers. Your podiatrist can safely cut your toenails to avoid cuts and potential issues.

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