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Ingrown Toenails – Are Your Shoes to Blame?

Are you frequently suffering from an ingrown toenail? We can all expect it to happen every once in a while, but if this is something bothering you more than once in a blue moon, your shoes could be the culprit.

There are many styles of shoes and different fits suit different feet. Some feet require a wide fit, while others are comfortable in pointy heels. Different brands may shape their shoes differently, too. So, your favourite smart shoes or trainers may not be as fitting as you think. Several things can cause ingrown toenails, and one of those is footwear.

How can your footwear choice cause ingrown toenails?

There isn’t one ‘bad type’ of shoe. It has more to do with how the shoes fit on your feet. Things that can affect how your shoes fit include:

Toe box

This is the part of a shoe where the toes sit. This area of your shoe should be spacious enough for your toes to fit comfortably and move around without being squashed or bunched up. Your toes should be straight, flat, and not crossed over one another. A narrow toe box will push your toes together and apply force to them and the nails. This is how a toenail can become ingrown. The same applies to toe boxes that are not long enough, causing toes to push upwards.

Loose-fitting shoes

Although your toes require some wiggle room. Too much space can also cause problems. Instead of your toes being scrunched up or pushed upwards, they may be repeatedly slammed against the front and sides of the shoes, particularly if you are very active. This trauma can cause ingrown toenails.

Heels too high

If your heel is at a height, then your toes point downwards. This applies pressure to the front of your toes and the nails. If this happens for long periods or is teamed with limited toe box space, ingrown toenails are a potential risk. The chances of this happening decrease significantly when heel height is two inches or less.

So, if ingrown toenails are the pain in your foot, try looking at your footwear. If you are suffering from reoccurring ingrown toenails and wearing the correct footwear, contact a podiatry specialist, such as Louise Seymour Podiatry.

For more information on the podiatry services available at Louisa Seymour Podiatry, contact us on 01277 266870.

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