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Keeping your feet healthy and pain free

Ensuring Your Foot Health and Comfort

At Louisa Seymour Podiatry, we are dedicated to your foot health and comfort. Our experienced team provides comprehensive care, from routine check-ups to specialised treatments. We focus on:

  • Personalised consultations to understand your foot care needs.
  • Advanced treatments for a range of foot conditions.
  • Ensuring a relaxing and safe environment for every visit.
  • Utilising the latest podiatry techniques and technology.
  • Offering flexible appointment times to suit your schedule.
  • We’re committed to keeping your feet healthy and happy.
Corns and Calluses


Corns / Calluses are areas of hard, thickened skin

Patient getting treatment for Calluses
Ingrown Toenail


There can be managed by learning how to cut and manage the nails correctly.

A patient getting treatment for an ingrown toenail
Sport Injuries


Sport Injuries can cause of a lot of foot pain, and should be treated without delay.

Athletic feeling sore foot


Verrucas are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Visible Verrucas on the underside of a foot


  • Corns /Calluses
  • Verrucae – swift microwave treatment. Cryosurgery or acid treatment.
  • Nail surgery to remove thickened / ingrowing toenails
  • Fungal nail infections
  • Bunions / hammer toes
  • Diabetic foot care and treatment for wounds
  • Prescription insoles / orthotics for foot and ankle pain
  • Children’s foot problems
Untreated verrucae and fungual infections.

The practice offers advice on all areas of foot care and treatments to foot conditions including skin, nail and joint problems as well as the treatment of verrucae and fungual infections.

Minor surgical procedures being performed

Minor surgical procedures can be carried out under local anaesthesia for curative treatment of problems such as in-growing toenails.

Identifying issues of a diabetic's foot

We can advise on and treat diabetes related foot problems including diabetic foot ulcers and carry out vascular assessments.

Getting the right shoes for their foot shape.

Specialist footwear and fitting advice is available to ensure that the patient can then purchase the best fitting shoe for their foot shape.

Google Reviews
adrianne zeeman
adrianne zeeman
November 7, 2023.
Saw Charlotte for a piece of glass in my foot. She was so professional and gentle and I’m so grateful I can walk without being painful again!
Andrew Murtha
Andrew Murtha
July 20, 2023.
Really helpful and both parents thought Louisa was fantastic. Recommended
June 14, 2023.
Louisa is fantastic! She has helped my ingrown toe several times now. Always extremely careful and knowledgeable. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Ivy Price
Ivy Price
March 16, 2022.
Thanks Louisa you have put a spring back into my step.Excellent service. Mike Price
Andrew Deakins
Andrew Deakins
October 7, 2021.
Louisa was great Did some DIY on my ingrowing toenail and missed a bit. Louisa found the offending nail removed it without pain and it has sorted the problem. Would recommend her clinic to everyone
Andrew Liddell
Andrew Liddell
June 22, 2021.
Louisa is amazing. She has a very light and gentle touch which resulted in no pain whatsoever when she removed the ingrowing toenail on my big toe. I delayed doing anything about it for a month or so because I was scared that the pain of having it removed would be worse than the pain I was suffering with it. Eventually I plucked up the courage to make an appointment to see Louisa. I needn’t have worried. Louisa took great care throughout the procedure. She carefully removed the offending part of the nail with absolutely no pain. Louisa also gave me good aftercare advice. I am ecstatic that I am no longer in pain and I highly recommend Louisa.
Diana Talyanina
Diana Talyanina
December 2, 2020.
I received excellent service here. Louisa is a very experienced, highly skilled, amiable professional.
Colin Poulter
Colin Poulter
July 4, 2020.
Been having problems with two stubborn verrucas and had swift microwave treatment which cleared them up after a couple of sessions
Les Vincent
Les Vincent
January 27, 2020.
Sceptical about going, but very pleased with the outcome. Would recommend Louisa.
Jeff Fair
Jeff Fair
April 23, 2018.
The practice has changed hands since the earlier reviews. the new Chiropodist is very positive, helpful and organised. Have made some repeat visits already - and I was just checking the phone number to make another appointment - which says it all really.
0/5 (0 Reviews)