Louisa Seymour Podiatry Ltd 30 Ongar Rd, Brentwood, Essex. CM15 9AX Tel: 01277 216870 louisaseymourpodiatryco.uk
Louisa Seymour Podiatry Ltd30 Ongar Rd, Brentwood,Essex. CM15 9AX Tel: 01277 216870louisaseymourpodiatryco.uk  
  •    Corns /Calluses
  •    Verrucae
  •    Thickened / ingrowing toenails surgery
  •    Fungal  nail infections
  •    Bunions / hammer toes
  •    Diabetic foot pathology
  •    Orthoses prescription for:
  •    Tendon Pain,  Heel, knee, hip, lower back pain
  •    Child developmental problems


The practice offers advice on all areas of foot care and treatments to foot conditions including skin, nail and joint problems as well as the treatment of verrucae and fungual infections.




We can advise on and treat diabetes related foot problems including diabetic foot ulcers and carry out vascular assessments.




Minor surgical procedures can be carried out under local anaesthesia for curative treatment of problems such as in-growing toenails.




Specialist footwear and fitting advice is available to ensure that the patient can then purchase the best fitting shoe for their foot shape.


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